About us

Nationwide Industries

Located in Korangi Industrial Area, and established since 1984, Nationwide Industries is one of the oldest pioneers of copper brass automotive radiator manufacturing setups to acquire and transfer British technology and machinery to Pakistan.

NWI has a team of dedicated people who have been with the company since its inception and hence employs the most experienced, senior, and quality manpower who have only been trained to produce quality and nothing else. 

Their combined outcome is a brand which still exists as the most heavy duty and reliable name of the radiator core that is Awami.  

Where ever Awami is installed, satisfaction is guaranteed with years of stress-free heat transfer performance.


Our mission is to comprehensively address all customer issues, providing effective and lasting solutions. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled support and satisfaction, resolving challenges across the board.


Our vision for Nationwide Industries is to become the foremost radiator company in Pakistan, setting the benchmark for quality, innovation, and customer trust. We aspire to lead the industry, providing unparalleled products and services that elevate comfort and efficiency for our valued customers.