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We do not practice cost cutting through lowering standards of raw material and do not employ techniques to maximize profits. Choose us if you put quality on top of your list and can afford it.

Nationwide Industries

Established over decades and with years of accumulated cooling system design and deployment, Nationwide Industries stands as a prominent and reliable name in the specialized market of industrial and heavy-duty radiators.
We have teams of experienced professionals proficient with the radiator manufacturing process, who strive continually firstly to maintain the production quality standards and to continuously research and develop new type of heat exchanger materials with lower costs and enhanced performance.

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Our high-quality and durable radiators and heat exchangers are designed for a range of applications, including automotive and industrial use. Trust us for reliable and efficient heat transfer solutions that meet your unique needs.

Industrial Radiators

Our industrial radiators offer efficient cooling solutions for heavy machinery and power generation applications, ensuring optimal performance and durability.



We provide OEM specification coolers for compressors, machineries, engines, and various industrial/commercial applications.

Automotive Radiators

Our automotive radiators provide reliable cooling for your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating.

Our Services

Our team of experts offers comprehensive services for the installation, maintenance, and repair of radiators and heat exchangers, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your cooling systems.

Remote Radiators Solution

Convert your open circuit cooling system to closed circuit cooling system for far reaching advantages.

Specialty and customized heat exchanger

We can understand and design a heat exchanger according to your specific and special needs.

Descaling radiators and heat exchanger

We offer internal and external descaling of complex heat exchangers and radiators through special equipment.

Maintaince contract for radiators

Our company offers maintenance contracts for large scale radiators installed within city or at remote locations where we shall take care of its well-being.



Duetz 350 kW Assembly


Byco Perkins 1250 Kva Diesel Remote Radiator


General tyre Steam Condenser Shell n Tube Type
Heat Exchanger

Zephyr Textile-Charged Air Cooler for Suiller Compressor

Zephyr Textile Charged Air Cooler
for Suiller Compressor

Meet The Team

Get to know the faces behind our innovative heating solutions

Sohail Japanwala

Sohail Japanwala is a visionary leader with 30 years of industrial experience in local and international markets. Being the torchbearer of the 60 years of business legacy of Japanwala Group since 1969, not surprising that his business acumen is innated in his genome.

Shoaib Hussain

Shoaib Iqbal Hussain has accumulated 12 years of experience in heading the Production, R & D, and Projects & Service Department at Nationwide Industries. With background in business consultancy, business development for B2B, and Entrepreneurial initiatives, he has always remained ahead of competition and customer expectation.

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